Categrory Description

An ample range of kids swimwear in Singapore: kids goggles, flippers, swim bags, Zinka and more!

Swimming is a favourite pastime for many in balmy Singapore. At lulu + moo, you will find the cutest goggles for boys and girls, as well as matching flippers. Kids can pretend to be a scary sea monster or be a mermaid with pink flippers.

Make swim lessons easy with our fun range of swim bags. These waterproof bags with drawstring and internal lining can be easily identified by their nametag.  And while you are out in the sun, cover those little lips and nosesfrom sunburn with our rainbow collection of Zinka. Zinka is a waterproof zinc oxide based sunblock, safe for all ages and now available in Singapore!

Goggles & Flippers

Swim Bags