Categrory Description

Go green with our eco-friendly food storage options. Stainless lunch boxes, Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Lunch Bags and more!

Storing kids school snacks and school lunches has never been easier with our range of reusable, stylish and eco-friendly containers!

Lunch on the go can be stored in one of ourairtight,stainless steel snack containersor stainless steel lunch boxes. Combine these containers with our funky ice packs and lunch bags to ensure your food stays fresh and cool.

No need for plastic anymore. Our stainless steel cutlery sets are designed for kids on the go! A fork and spoon in a convenient carry case that pops right into your lunch bag. Stainless steel water bottlesare available right here too.

Make your school lunches waste free and save on disposable items!


Ice Packs


Lunch Bags

Lunch Boxes